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No One Left Behind helps Afghan and Iraqi translators gain their U.S. Special Immigration Visas and ensures that they are properly resettled in America.

When our Afghan and Iraqi allies resettle in the US, they usually come with nothing more than the clothes on their back and whatever they can fit into one suitcase. We feel that given their profound service to our nation's military while at war, these interpreters deserve better than years of waiting on seldom delivered visas and almost no support in resettling in America.

We provide furnished apartments, modest financial support to help cover the weeks it can take before their social service benefits (food, medical, etc.) begin, and assistance with seeking employment. We also pair up newly arrived refugees with other Iraqis and Afghans who have successfully immigrated to the US -- to help smooth the transition.  

American Soldier, Iraqi Interpreter: From Strangers To 'Brothers'

Another story of the challenges faces by our interpreter Brothers. No One Left Behind wishes Philip, his wife and children as safe return from Iraq. 

Paul Braun is a sergeant with the 34th Military Police Company in the Minnesota Army National Guard. In 2009, when he was serving near Basra, his company was assigned an Iraqi interpreter they called Philip.

Philip came to the U.S. in late 2013, with Sergeant Braun's help, and now they live together in Minnesota. But Philip's wife and children are still in Iraq. Earlier this week, he returned home, hoping to reach his family and bring them back to the U.S.

The Case for Janis: What Will Happen to All the Afghans We Leave Behind?

I never thought I'd owe my life to an Afghan man, but here I am. Janis served as my personal interpreter throughout my 2008 deployment as an embedded combat adviser to the Afghan National Security Forces in Ghazni. More importantly, Janis served as my guide to the Afghan people and culture. I consider him a lifelong friend and a combat brother. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here -- it's that simple.

Janis saved my life on more than one occasion -- be it through the intelligence he gathered, the warnings he passed, or by shooting at the Taliban who were trying to overrun our position during the worst ambush of my life. Janis has not just saved my life, he has saved the lives of countless American soldiers...