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Operation Save a Thousand +

No One Left Behind announces the launch of  Operation Save a Thousand +
Please help these people get to the United States!

After years completing the required first 10 SIV processing steps,
No One Left Behind wants to support them through the last few.
With your help we can support them:

Food and Lodging:  $500 / month for a family of 4
Medical Exams:  $700 for a family of 4

Save a Person :  $2,000
Save a Family :  $10,000

Campaign Announcement

No One Left Behind is evacuating SIVs out of harm’s way by moving and sustaining them in Pakistan so they may complete their SIV processing in safety.


Operation Save Thousand + plans to move 1,000 Afghans  from Afghanistan to process their US Visas in 2023.

$2,000 can save a life

$10,000 can save a family


This is urgent. These loyal Allies are scared, starving and in hiding. They are being targeted by the Taliban due to the service to the United States and need our help now.

Who we are Moving

Special Immigrant Visas applicants:

Translators, interpreters, or other professionals employed by or on behalf of the United States government in Afghanistan and their families.

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