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U.S. to resume processing thousands of stalled visas for Afghans who aided Americans

WH orders review of SIV visa program for Afghan and Iraqi combat translators who helped US military

White House eyes ways to speed up visas for foreign interpreters stranded in war zones

Thousands of Afghans and Iraqis are under threat for helping Americans. Now they hope Biden will help them resettle in the United States.

US submits new plan to fix visa delays for interpreters who helped troops

Understaffed, uncoordinated: IG outlines flaws in visa program for war zone interpreters

The Marine Raider Association

In peace, there must be no revenge in Afghanistan

‘A life-saving process’: New visas will help rescue Afghans who put their lives on the line for US troops

Iraqis who helped the United States during the war shouldn’t be abandoned

They Risked All for America. Don’t Betray Them.

Court Finds Visa Delays Faced by Thousands of Afghans and Iraqis Who Assisted the United States Are Unlawful

Former op U.S. Military official in Mideast on the outlook for peace in Syria

Special Immigrant Visas for Afghan translators

Cutting refugee admissions will have severe consequences for the U.S. military

General David H. Petraeus, Our Letter to the President

Trump Administration Considers a Drastic Cut in Refugees Allowed to Enter U.S.

We can’t leave Afghanistan without protecting our closest allies first

Shaheen Leads Bipartisan Legislation That Provides Additional Visas For Afghan Interpreters and Support Staff

Only 2 Iraqi tanslators who worked with U.S. troops got U.S. visas last year

Tommy’s Story About Strength and Bravery of Many Today

Merit-based immigration should favor Afghan translators

Trump Administration Has Drastically Dropped Visas For Afghan And Iraqi Interpreters

As US Mulls Afghanistan Withdrawal, No Funding for Interpreter Visas

Afghan Interpreters are Terrified About a Possible U.S. Deal with the Taliban

Helping refugees is my way of giving back to a country that welcomed me

Afghan and Iraqi Interpreters Risk Death, Wait Years for Legal US Visas While Migrant Caravan Demands Immediate Entrance

Resolution No. 16: Recognition for Afghan and Iraqi Combat Translators

Vets to Trump: Don’t leave Iraqi battlefield brothers behind

He helped U.S. troops and fled Afghanistan. CBP detained him in Houston, an advocacy group said.

Mike Huckabee: We cannot abandon the heroes who helped us fight the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq

Scrutinize Special and Other Green Card Eligibility Categories as Part of the Effort to Modernize the U.S. Immigration System

They Risked Their Lives to Help U.S. Troops. Now They’re Driving for Lyft to Get by.

US troops seek visas for family of heroic Iraqi interpreter

These Iraqis helped save American lives. Now we should help them.

Afghans who worked for U.S. gov’t make up growing share of special immigrant Visa recipients

Standing Together

SC Featured: An NFL player and the bond he formed on the battlefield

OPINION | Loyal war translators earned US immigrant visas

CIA Director David Petraeus Discusses Translators in Afghanistan and Iraq

Bipartisan Senate resolution would help combat translators

The Afghanistan heroes who haven’t even gotten a thank-you

US soldier keeps promise to translator who saved his life

Begin Anyway: Matt Zeller

The allies the US left behind

US soldiers welcome Afghan translator who saved their life: See the tearful reunion

Afghan interpreter granted special visa after two years of waiting

Resettled in the US, Afghan interpreters plead for help

Facing threats, Afghan interpreters plead for US visas

Naqeeb is a former US military translator who credits No One Left Behind and Ellen with saving his life.

Hero Afghan interpreter’s journey from Taliban “kill list” to a new life in the U.S.

Afghan interpreter Janis Shinwari spent years helping save American lives, now U.S. soldier Matt Zeller saves his

CNNi talks to U.S. Army Captain Matt Zeller about the plight of Afghan and Iraqi translators trying to get U.S. visas.

One Veteran’s Battle to Bring His Afghan Interpreter to the United States

Advocates: U.S. has ‘moral responsibility’ to fix interpreter visa blunder

US soldier and Afghan interpreter campaign for US visas

Matt Zeller and Janis Shinwari Reunited: Army Veteran Helps His Afghan Interpreter Secure A Visa (VIDEO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Translators (HBO)

Afghan Interpreters Struggle to Find a Home in the U.S.

Afghani Interpreters Still Struggle To Obtain Visas

A Friendship Forged Under Fire

Advocates: U.S. has ‘moral responsibility’ to fix interpreter visa blunder

US soldier and Afghan interpreter campaign for US visas

Matt Zeller and Janis Shinwari Saved Each Other’s Lives – and Now Help Others

Soldier reunites with Afghan protector

Facing threats, Afghan interpreters plead for US visas

Has America Abandoned an Afghan Interpreter?

The US Is Failing Its Friends and Allies

Interpreters wait for promise of life in USA

U.S. lawmakers aim to extend Afghan interpreter visa program

The US promised a visa to my Afghan interpreter. Now it’s been revoked

Operation Lost in Translation

Afghan Interpreters Still Struggle To Obtain Visas

State Department’s revocation of visa dashes hopes of Afghan interpreter

The Afghan Interpreters (Full-Length)

Afghan Interpreter Finally Lands in US

Afghan War ally Janis Shinwari finally finds safety in America

Afghan translators still waiting for special immigrant visas

WATCH: Trump awards Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt. Ronald Shurer

Afghan Army Translator Among 44 Immigrants Who Became US Citizens in Hayward

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