No One Left Behind is committed to the success of Wartime Allies (interpreters, soldiers, cultural advisors, and other allies of American troops) who have been displaced from their home due to their association with and support for Americans. Follow along as we work to help them and their families find safety and opportunity.

An Afghan Military Interpreter Finds Footing In The U.S. Gig Economy

The Iraqi interpreter known as “Johnny Walker” is the subject of a book called “Codename: Johnny Walker.” He and the author discuss his role in the Iraq war and his camaraderie with Navy Seal Chris Kyle.

Dana Perino

Dana Perino on Afghan Special Immigrant Visas

The Interpreters

The Interpreters is a poignant but tense portrayal of a very human and high-stakes side of war’s aftermath, the story of how Afghan and Iraqi interpreters risked their lives aiding American troops–but then became the people we left behind

Vice President Pence

US troops seek visas for family of heroic Iraqi interpreter

The Importance of a TERP

Dear No One Left Behind

Life Resettled: Stories Behind Special Immigrant Visas

Sports Center An NFL player and the bond he formed on the battlefield

US soldiers welcome Afghan translator who saved their life: See the tearful reunion

Ellen Degeneres Saved This Veteran’s Life

The Interpreters Documentary Manuscript

The Interpreters Part 1

The Interpreters Part 2

The Interpreters Part 3

The Interpreters Part 4

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