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Empowering Allies, Upholding America's Promise: 10 Years of No One Left Behind

10 years ago, No One Left Behind Founder, Janis Shinwari arrived in the United States by way of the Special Immigrant Visa Program. Upon his arrival, he was gifted money to assist in his family's resettlement. In turn, he made the courageous decision to use those funds to create what we now know as No One Left Behind.

Because of Janis' selflessness, your unwavering support and the dedication of our volunteers and staff, since then we have...

  • evacuated 5,728 allies out of Afghanistan.

  • assisted 6,234 newly-arrived allies in the United States.

  • implemented life-changing resettlement programs to ensure financial and social capital for our allies.

  • served as a voice for our allies before Congress by advocating that our promise is honored in critical legislation. 

As the nation's oldest charitable organization dedicated to this work, we're honored to continue paving the way to a brighter future for our Afghan brothers and sisters while holding true to the commitment America made to them.

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How can I join No One Left Behind in celebrating?

An estimated 140,000 allies remain in fear for their lives, waiting for America to fulfill its promise. While we've accomplished so much, it's no secret that there's still a lot left to do.


By joining us in donating $10 or more and sharing No One Left Behind's mission with 10 friends, you can be a part of ensuring our work continues for decades to come.

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