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Apply for Resettlement Assistance


No One Left Behind's Loan Program

No One Left Behind is dedicated to supporting Afghan and Iraqi allies, also known as Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) recipients, with a variety of interest-free loans. Our loan types include car loans, education and career advancement loans and personal emergency loans. In offering these various types of assistance, it is our goal to help our allies purchase reliable vehicles, achieve their educational and professional goals and provide immediate financial relief during their resettlement in the United States. We are committed to supporting the journey of our allies while helping them build a sustainable and fulfilling future here in the Land of Opportunity.



Car Loan (max. $8,000)
Our interest-free car loan is specifically designed to help our allies purchase a reliable vehicle to establish independence and accessibility in the United States. We offer flexible repayment terms ranging from 12 to 60 months with no interest charged. Our goal is to support allies in acquiring a dependable means of transportation in their new lives in America.

Education and Career Advancement Loan (max. $6,000)
Our interest-free education and career advancement loan is specifically created to support our allies in achieving their professional goals. This loan is flexible and can be used to cover education expenses, obtain professional certifications, develop new skills and support job-seeking activities. We aim to provide financial flexibility and no-interest loan options. We want to ensure that allies can build a sustainable and fulfilling future in the United States by facilitating their journey toward personal and
professional growth.

Personal Emergency Loan (max. $4,000)

Our no-interest emergency loan is designed to provide immediate financial relief to allies facing unexpected challenges during their resettlement in the United States. This loan is designed to address critical needs, such as rent assistance, household essentials, emergency medical expenses, utilities, groceries and clothing.

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Holder: Applicants must possess a valid SIV.
2. Valid Driving License: Applicants must hold a valid U.S. Driving License and be willing to provide a copy to No One Left Behind.
3. Documentation and Proof: Applicants must submit details of the intended vehicle purchase and agree to provide documentation verifying the purchase.
4. Online Application: Completion of the loan application process through the Happy Mango platform is mandatory.
5. Mentorship Program Qualification: Participants in a mentorship program will automatically qualify for the loan.
6. Family Limit: Only one family member may apply for a loan at a time.

Loan Program
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