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We advocate with the U.S. government and Congress to extend and improve the Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs, as well as provide evacuation and resettlement assistance to those eligible for SIVs.  We have contributed to the enactment of eight National Defense and Appropriations bills, which resulted in over 22,000 visas for our Afghan and Iraqi allies.

No One Left Behind's
Allies 4 U.S. (A4US) Principles

America has both the moral and national security imperatives to live up to the promises made to interpreters, wartime allies, and their families - they must be protected by an effective and efficient Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program. Living up to the A4US principles achieves this:

1. Evacuate all SIVs who are left behind

2. Protect the SIVs already in the United States

3. Guarantee U.S. national security by keeping the promise globally

A Word from General David Petraeus

"We have an obligation to look after those who have served us and served our mission and served their own country so very faithfully and often involving a great deal of sacrifice.  They put their lives on the line."

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