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We advocate with the U.S. government and Congress to extend and improve the Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs, as well as provide evacuation and resettlement assistance to those eligible for SIVs.  We have contributed to the enactment of eight National Defense and Appropriations bills, which resulted in over 22,000 visas for our Afghan and Iraqi allies.

No One Left Behind's
Allies 4 U.S. (A4US) Principles

America has both the moral and national security imperatives to live up to the promises made to interpreters, wartime allies, and their families - they must be protected by an effective and efficient Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program. Living up to the A4US principles achieves this:

1. Evacuate all SIVs who are left behind

2. Protect the SIVs already in the United States

3. Guarantee U.S. national security by keeping the promise globally

Advocating for Our Allies

Just days ago, you joined us in ensuring 12,000 allies will receive their promise by advocating for the inclusion of additional visas in the Fiscal Year 2024 State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act. Now, we have the chance to save even more lives.


Speaker Johnson and the House of Representatives are currently developing their version of a National Security Supplemental Funding Bill aimed at helping allies in Eastern Europe, the Levant, and the Western Pacific. Congress must also stand with our allies from our longest war - the brave Afghans who fought beside us for two decades. We are grateful to Speaker Johnson and Congress for recently honoring America’s word to our allies, but more must be done and including our Afghan brothers and sisters in this Bill would be a tremendous step in the right direction.


Take action and ask your Representative to stand with our Afghan allies by including the “Fulfilling Promises to Afghan Allies Act” in upcoming legislation. Find the pre-drafted message and link to contact your Representative below.

Dear Representative XXX-Insert Your Representative’s Last Name-XXX,

My name is XXX-Insert Your First and Last Name-XXX, and I am a resident of XXX-Insert Your City-XXX. I am writing to encourage you to support our Afghan allies. It is being reported that the House of Representatives is drafting its version of a National Security Supplemental Funding Bill that would support allies in Eastern Europe, the Levant, and the Western Pacific, however, it is critical that this legislation also support allies from our longest war - the brave Afghans who stood with our troops for two decades. Any bill that purports to assist our allies, but fails to support the Afghans living under the brutality of the Taliban is insufficient.  


This is why I am calling on you to support the Fulfilling Promises to Afghan Allies Act. This crucial piece of bipartisan legislation was in the Senate’s original version of the National Security Supplemental and it received wide bipartisan support as an amendment in the Senate. It supports both the Afghans who were evacuated in August 2021 and those who are hiding under the brutality of the Taliban. This popular legislation is supported by broad segments of society, including the nation’s largest veterans groups like The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and IAVA. And you should support it too.


As my elected Representative, I call on you to work with House leadership and your colleagues to ensure that the Fulfilling Promises to Afghan Allies Act (S.Amdt.1550 to S.Amdt.1388) is included in the House’s version of the National Security Supplemental Act.


Like millions of other Americans I have been profoundly disappointed in Congress' inaction to support our Afghan allies, but now is the opportunity for us to keep our promise to the Afghans who stood alongside our troops and diplomats.




XXX-Insert Your First and Last Name-XXX

A Word from General David Petraeus

"We have an obligation to look after those who have served us and served our mission and served their own country so very faithfully and often involving a great deal of sacrifice.  They put their lives on the line."

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