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We advocate with the U.S. government and Congress to extend and improve the Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs, as well as provide evacuation and resettlement assistance to those eligible for SIVs.  We have contributed to the enactment of eight National Defense and Appropriations bills, which resulted in over 22,000 visas for our Afghan and Iraqi allies.

NOLB Advocacy Priorities

No One Left Behind's advocacy initiatives are based on three priorities:

1. Improving, extending, and resourcing the SIV programs to process applications expeditiously (within the nine-month period statutorily required)

2. Providing for the safe evacuation of SIV applicants at risk and in danger in Iraq and Afghanistan

3. Providing adequate financial and other resources to help SIV recipients successfully resettle in the United States

A Word from General David Petraeus

"We have an obligation to look after those who have served us and served our mission and served their own country so very faithfully and often involving a great deal of sacrifice.  They put their lives on the line."

Current Advocacy Initiatives

No One Left Behind calls on the U.S. government and Congress to:

1. Consolidate the three Afghan and Iraqi SIV programs into one simplified, permanent program, further improved to address lingering challenges affecting implementation.  With such a permanent program, Congress should extend authority to the executive branch to designate additional eligible countries in which the U.S. government has interpreters and employees at risk, such as Syria and Yemen.

2. Authorize categorical parole for SIV applicants who have been approved by the Chief of Mission, allowing them to travel to the United States legally by any means available

3. Provide educational and/or vocational training benefits to support SIVs' resettlement in the United States

Advocacy Partners