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About Us

No One Left Behind is the oldest charitable organization focused specifically on supporting former interpreters and U.S. government employees eligible for the Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs.  We help evacuate deserving SIV applicants to safety, and provide resettlement assistance to help them start new lives as Americans.  We also advocate for our allies with the U.S. government, provide subject matter expertise to the media, and partner with other charitable organizations, advocacy groups, and major American employers to provide opportunities to new Afghan-Americans and Iraqi-Americans.

No One Left Behind was co-founded by Janis Shinwari, an Afghan interpreter for U.S. forces who saved the lives of five American soldiers in combat.  When donors raised $35,000 to support his family's resettlement in 2013, he instead used the funds to co-found No One Left Behind.  Ever since, Janis and No One Left Behind have paid his gratitude forward to new SIV recipients starting their lives as Americans.

"When I first arrived in the United States, everything that came to me was from complete strangers.  Toys for my kids, mattresses, blankets, dishes, even money to pay for my rent were from complete strangers. That is how my life started here and that was the birth of No One Left Behind.  This organization does not get any funds from the government.  Everything comes from strangers.  When we were in Afghanistan, we interpreters were a bridge between the U.S. government and the Afghan government, the U.S. civilians and Afghan civilians, but over here, this organization works as a bridge between the interpreters’ families and you.  We can’t do anything without your support. We need to keep our promise."

                Janis Shinwari, Co-Founder of No One Left Behind

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"What is really important here is that those who have been supported when they came here are now supporting those who are coming here.  And that is hugely important because it demonstrates their own responsibility, their own gratitude, their own desire to pay back, to pay it forward for all of this. . . . Thanks for not only continuing to support those who come here, but thanks also for being an example of the newest generation of immigrants to our shores and for what you do to contribute to the country." 

General David Petraeus

Our Values
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No One Left Behind was founded to support those who risked all for the United States, our servicemembers, and diplomats.  By working for the U.S. government, local interpreters and employees in Iraq and Afghanistan risked their lives for Americans.  We work to ensure the United States honors its commitments to those who helped us in our time of need.


We are committed to ensuring that our allies and their families are evacuated to safety, and that when they arrive in the United States, they have adequate resources to contribute meaningfully to society as new Americans. 


We exist to serve those who served us.  We are steadfast in our mission, and we will not forget those who risked all for us.  We will serve them until no one has been left behind.

“When we arrived in San Diego, we received assistance from the No One Left Behind organization. Like house equipment, making resumes, looking for jobs, and much more guidance. Also, they guided me on how to process my documents at USCIS and apply for a driving license at the DMV. I really appreciate the NOLB organization for helping us and our settlement in San Diego. “ 

Mohammad (San Diego)



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