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SIV Assistance

No One Left Behind is committed to the success of Wartime Allies (interpreters, soldiers, cultural advisors, and other allies of American troops) who have been displaced from their home due to their association with and support for Americans. Follow along as we work to help them and their families find safety and opportunity.


Together we can make a real difference

We need your help to continue evacuating the tens of thousands of U.S. government employees and interpreters who remain in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as to provide them critical assistance for housing, transportation, food and household goods. Your donation today will help us make sure these amazing heroes safely and successfully resettle as new Americans.

“The car which was donated from No One Left Behind has really changed my life. With that car I work pizza and Amazon delivery. I can now support my family. Now I am happy and my family is feeling much more comfortable with our new life in the US. I sincerely thank NOLB for the unforgettable assistance that you gave me and I wish you well for your continued efforts to provide SIVs assistance in the future. You are changing our lives.” 

-Hedayatullah (Washington D.C.)

Image by Sarah Medina

Apply for resettlement assistance (SIVs in U.S. only)

Apply for assistance with emergency housing, transportation, clothing food, household goods, or healthcare (SIV recipients in the United States only)

Apply for Evacuation Assistance (SIVs outside U.S. only)

Submit your information to our database of Afghan families in need of evacuation from Afghanistan (SIV-eligible or approved families in Afghanistan only)


SIV Application Information

Learn about the Iraqi and Afghan SIV programs and guidance for completing applications

Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors and Partners
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