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No One Left Behind is the leading national organization dedicated to ensuring that America keeps its promise to U.S. interpreters and employees in Iraq and Afghanistan through the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs.

Guy Ritchie's The Covenant is a compelling fictional account of a real-life problem facing more than 100,000 interpreters who have served our country. No One Left Behind is proud to partner with MGM Studios to bring awareness to the cause and make progress in keeping our nation's promise to our Afghan allies. To learn more, become involved or donate, click the button below and check out Guy Ritchie's The Covenant now available on Prime Video.

In January 2023, No One Left Behind set a goal to successfully evacuate 1,000 people from Afghanistan!

We have reached 1,000 which is why we're doubling our 2023 goal and now plan to evacuate 2,000 people from Afghanistan by the end of 2023. Your support will help us get to 2,000!


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Who We Are

Founded in 2014, No One Left Behind is the oldest charitable organization focused specifically on supporting former interpreters and U.S. government employees eligible for the Iraqi and Afghan SIV programs.  We advocate for the Special Immigrant Visa programs, help evacuate deserving SIV applicants to safety, and provide resettlement assistance to help them start new lives as Americans.

We have advocated for numerous legislative and policy improvements to reduce the average 3.5-year visa processing wait time, during which applicants face risks of death at the hands of those they once helped the United States fight.  We played a significant role supporting the enactment of the Emergency Security Supplemental Appropriations Act (Public Law 117-31), which improved the Afghan SIV program and was signed into law on July 30, 2021.

Since 2021 , we have evacuated over 2,500 Afghans to safety and provided over $2.9 Million in resettlement assistance to over 1,300 SIV families newly resettling in the United States.  But for every family we touch, we have four more waiting.  We need your help today.

Our Values
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No One Left Behind was founded to support those who risked all for the United States, our servicemembers, and diplomats.  By working for the U.S. government, local interpreters and employees in Iraq and Afghanistan risked their lives for Americans.  We work to ensure the United States honors its commitments to those who helped us in our time of need.


We are committed to ensuring that our allies and their families are evacuated to safety, and that when they arrive in the United States, they have adequate resources to contribute meaningfully to society as new Americans. 


We exist to serve those who served alongside

Americans.  We are steadfast in our mission, and we will not forget those who risked all for us.  We will serve them until no one has been left behind.

Democrats and Republicans agree we have to keep our promise

Together we can make a real difference

“The car which was donated from No One Left Behind has really changed my life. With that car I work pizza and Amazon delivery. I can now support my family. Now I am happy and my family is feeling much more comfortable with our new life in the US. I sincerely thank NOLB for the unforgettable assistance that you gave me and I wish you well for your continued efforts to provide SIVs assistance in the future. You are changing our lives.” 


Hedayatullah (Washington D.C.)


We need your help to continue evacuating the tens of thousands of U.S. government employees and interpreters who remain in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as to provide them critical assistance for housing, transportation, food and household goods. Your donation today will help us make sure these amazing heroes safely and successfully resettle as new Americans.

Get help with resettlement

Apply for assistance with emergency housing, transportation, clothing food, household goods, or healthcare (SIV recipients in the United States only)

SIV application info

Learn about the Iraqi and Afghan SIV programs and guidance for completing applications

Read more about us

Get to know the story, people, and mission of No One Left Behind

Get help with evacuation

Submit your information to our database of Afghan families in need of evacuation from Afghanistan (SIV-eligible or approved families in Afghanistan only)

Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors and Partners
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